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Welcome to the best problem solving system you will ever experience, and it's free! (do it yourself mode). ReadAct is working for people solving problems in groups of all kinds: business, industry, non-profit, government, team, hospital, school, church, association, family ... wherever the challenge is larger than one individual.

ReadAct is unique! Comprehensive yet simple. Built-in discipline. Stays with you from beginning, through ongoing progress, to your desired goals. See more at ReadAct Difference.

Are you a visual learner? Try About ReadAct for a brief overview, a full tutorial, a historical perspective, or some narrative examples.

Try Interactive Solutions. Experience the power of ReadAct to evaluate your enterprise, assess necessary skills, diagnose a training need, or relive a case history.

Ready to invest more time and effort? Willing to go to a deeper level for more results? Advanced Interactive Solutions offers a well equipped interactive laboratory able to provide you with an array of ReadAct technology. To use it you will be prompted to complete a User Profile. Please update your profile as needed. It tailors ReadAct to your specific needs, allows you to save your work between visits, and with clever coding and masking, assures your privacy. (see privacy policy)

Need help? ReadAct Services are available at your site, via email, phone, or fax. Do it with help mode, while not free, is affordable and very cost effective. Please review our FAQ file to save your time and ours on many basic issues.

ReadAct is collaborative by nature. Join in the Discussion about ReadAct. Please share your Results. ReadAct process often produces referral to other pertinent valuable resources for problem solving. These are summarized in Links.

You are always welcome to Contact Us regarding ReadAct.